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I only have a few more days til my 30 day EFT tapping challenge is over. I partially haven’t been posting here because new ideas — about everything have been coming to me. I DO attribute this to my EFT challenge, bc right now , things are rather unnervingly quiet. Almost too quiet in fact.

Some other interesting things tho, are happening. A few weeks ago, there was a flyer on my car window, for a missing cat. Her name is “Koshka” which in Russian means ” cat”. ( it is pronounced Kooshka- with a long O) Well, she is still missing apparently. Today, I threw away that first flyer, bc I figured she had been found. But then, this evening, the doorbell rang, and there was a new flyer on my garden chair. So, apparently, Koshka is still missing. Given that I am a bonafide cat lover, I called the phone number on the flyer, and said that I wanted to try EFT to help find her. Of course, he didn’t know what EFT is, but I explained a little bit about it, and he was very grateful. He and Koshka are from New Zealand, which makes it all the more interesting too. He just moved in 2 doors away from me this past year as well. So I did an EFT session on her. Now it is just a continued waiting game. So here is the script I used for this.

Granted, I changed many of the words, bc this situation is very different than the one that is in the script. So, I am hopeful, because I have been witness to some amazing things happen with EFT. When she shows up at my doorstep or in my garden, I will let you know. I am holding the faith for Koshka and her owner, because I know how devastating it can be to lose a pet.


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