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One   of  my  favorite  Neville  lectures.


Excerpt: “You may think that was not right, but who is to say what is right and what is wrong? There are only two things that displease God. One is eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil by judging what is right and what is wrong, and the other is the lack of faith in yourself!”  ~NG


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I only have a few more days til my 30 day EFT tapping challenge is over. I partially haven’t been posting here because new ideas — about everything have been coming to me. I DO attribute this to my EFT challenge, bc right now , things are rather unnervingly quiet. Almost too quiet in fact.

Some other interesting things tho, are happening. A few weeks ago, there was a flyer on my car window, for a missing cat. Her name is “Koshka” which in Russian means ” cat”. ( it is pronounced Kooshka- with a long O) Well, she is still missing apparently. Today, I threw away that first flyer, bc I figured she had been found. But then, this evening, the doorbell rang, and there was a new flyer on my garden chair. So, apparently, Koshka is still missing. Given that I am a bonafide cat lover, I called the phone number on the flyer, and said that I wanted to try EFT to help find her. Of course, he didn’t know what EFT is, but I explained a little bit about it, and he was very grateful. He and Koshka are from New Zealand, which makes it all the more interesting too. He just moved in 2 doors away from me this past year as well. So I did an EFT session on her. Now it is just a continued waiting game. So here is the script I used for this.

Granted, I changed many of the words, bc this situation is very different than the one that is in the script. So, I am hopeful, because I have been witness to some amazing things happen with EFT. When she shows up at my doorstep or in my garden, I will let you know. I am holding the faith for Koshka and her owner, because I know how devastating it can be to lose a pet.

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I’ve learned that following what you love magnifies your talent. You just have to have faith to invest in it.

~ Leslie Rector

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