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” Give sorrow words;   the grief  that does not   speak  knits up the  o’er  wrought   heart   and    bids it  break.”

~  William  Shakespeare,  Macbeth

from   THE  BODY  KEEPS THE SCORE,  Bessel Van der  Kolk


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A   really great    EFT  (  emotional freedom  technique)   tapping script.   LOVE this.


Does  a  lot to   relax   yourself when  you are  worried  about…    anything.  Now, someone  might  say, well,   why do I   need to do the tapping?  Can’t  I  just say   or think these things in my head?      The reason is, if  you  just think these things,   you would  not be affecting   your body.  And the  body,  is where   tensions and stress get   held, and cause all   sorts of  disorder.

Be  sure  to   breathe  deeply as she  does,  and  also   drink some water  after  you are finished.  This will   continue to   move the energy in your  body.

If  you   have  never tried  EFT,  I  encourage  you to try it now. IT is  easy,   just   follow  along and repeat   what she says. I  think   you might be  surprised at    the sense of  peace that arises.  Drop  me a    line  and  let   me know   what  you think  after  you try it.

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I love    science    and  medical   tomes that     preface the  chapters in their  books with  a quote that  makes  you  ponder,   say YES,   and  in some way,  shape, or form,  give a  hint  as to what the chapter  is   going to  delve into.    This  quote was found on page 230  in “The  Body  Keeps the  Score”,  by  Bessel  Van Der  Kolk, MD.  The   marriage of science and  art is  such a  beautiful thing.  And why aren’t  more  people   engaging  and  dancing with this marriage? ~  KMK


“We  can   hardly  bear to look.  The shadow may  carry  the  best of the  life we  have  not  lived.
Go  into the  basement, the attic,  the refuse  bin.  Find gold there. Find an  animal  who has  not  been
fed or watered. It is  you !   This neglected, exiled  animal, hungry for attention, is a  part of  your self. ”

~  Marion Woodman   ( as  quoted  by  Stephen Cope in  The Great Work of  Your  Life)

*  NB.   This  quote  goes  on a wing and a  feather to Ms.  Kentucky Woman

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