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It’s  early   yet, for the  peonies  to   bloom. But I am already  thinking about them,  hence this  poem,  which I wrote one spring as I watched  some  peony flowers I had  brought in slowly dismember.   My  favorite is Festiva Maxima. If I   had my  druthers, I would  have a whole   bed of these.  One    place where  you   might find them  is here: http://finagardenspeonies.com/White.html


The white peony petals
lie in a heap.

They have fallen off their centers.

A mass letting go –
like a sudden downpour
of unexpected rain,
or tears.

What to do with these petals?

I still see beauty in these
fallen, dismembered flowers.

What to do with these petals
that to some look like refuse?

Do I make a bed of these petals
and lie upon it,
to see how long
their cool, silky touch
will last?

Do I scatter them to my garden
letting these white delicacies
feed it?

Do I press them,
so I can hold onto to this beauty,
and the memory of
this scent that I love to bury my nose in?

The same dilemma, every year.
In the end, it’s always a letting go.

Next Spring
I will study their round firm heads,
and wait
for the day that I can
embrace this pleasure
all over again.


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