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Somewhere in my internet travels….I stumbled on this:


It made me seriously think about how I could be part of this project. I DO shop (although I could do it more, I suppose) at a local deli. Hmmmm… that is all I am coming up with, in the moment. I am not a big shopper, in general…in fact, I am one of the rare women who really doesn’t get a huge  thrill out of shopping… except for: books. (There is always a thrill in a bookstore). Unfortunately, there are no small shop bookstores that close to me, so I do shop at “big box stores” for books (out of necessity). Ah….yes, I also do support the local garden store.. which has been in business for a long time, and they ARE suffering. In any case, it’s worthy of thought and practice – to make serious effort to shop local.

Does thrifting (aka, estate sales and what not) count as shopping local, I wonder? Because I also do that, and that too,  is almost always more interesting than shopping at big box stores.

(BTW, my mother, who has passed over, but today would have been her 78th birthday, also liked to shop local, and at the small one of a kind stores. AND she liked to pay CASH, whenever possible. In fact,  she fairly frequently chided when she saw any of us pull out a credit card during a shopping or a restaurant visit. Of course, this was before debit cards. I must say, though, there IS something inherently more satisfying about paying with cash, rather than a plastic card. Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope you are frolicking in the other worlds…)

PS> OH OMG!!! I almost forgot what I consider to be my MOST IMPORTANT local buying… (altho… it is NOT a brick and mortar)… which is being part of a FARM Co-OP, where I buy FRESH DAIRY (yes, straight from the cow, which means, that it contains butterfat, is not pasteurized,  and contains no additives), GRASS FED meat, pure eggs, (what I mean by that is that my eggs haven’t been on planes, trains and automobiles to get to me; at most.. they take a once a week journey in a single truck, and YES, you CAN see a difference in these eggs.. the yolk is rounder and more VIVID) , and a few other choice NATURAL, REAL products… Oh…. like the RAW HONEY which is STELLAR (and for me to say that, is a LOT as I used to think honey was GROSS).


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