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“Now, although we are not ducks we do feed on ideas. Feed your mind a certain idea for one week and you will change its structure. Continue for two weeks and you will be well fed on lovely thoughts. You see, this is a fictitious world and you are its author. Nothing is impossible! It’s all fiction anyway, so live nobly and dream beautiful dreams; for you are all imagination, and your human imagination is the Lord God, Jesus – the Christ.” – Neville Goddard


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more  from the  FIRST  PRINCIPLE:

Relax. Be still and question yourself, saying: “Are you really God?” Address yourself as though you were two. “If you are God and can do all things, prove it to me by giving me my desire so I can feel its presence now.” See if he will prove himself in performance and when he does, do it again. Keep on asking and when he proves himself here on this level, then let these things which can’t be put to the test come through, for they will.

love this   question.   you can ask it over and over and over and over…. ~KMK

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another  verse from  RUMI.


“Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter. You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that.”

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A. “You are infinitely greater than you think you are. You and I were together in eternity, which is everlastingly enduring. What cannot endure forever ceases to be! When God ceases to imagine something, it vanishes.” – Neville Goddard

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This  lecture is  an  easy  way  to  change  how you  look at  self and  God and  your world.

Man is seeking the source, the cause, of the phenomena of life. In his search, he grows and outgrows his many concepts of God until he finds the one God he can never outgrow, and therefore can never lose. That is the God which he finds in a first person, present tense experience.

Here is a true story that verges on this truth. While a friend was shaving, his little girl watched, and questioning him, asked: “Where does God really live?” and he absent mindedly answered: “In the well.” Laughing at his silly answer, the little girl ran to tell her mother. At breakfast that morning when his wife asked why he had made such a statement, he could not answer, but later that day he remembered.

When he was a small boy in Poland, a band of gypsies passed by and stopped at the well in his parent’s courtyard. One in particular held his attention. He was a giant of a man, with a short-cropped red beard. As the little boy watched, the man drew the wooden bucket of water from the well. His posture and great hands made the bucket appear as though it weighed no more than a teacup, and as he drank, the water trickled down his beard and onto his chest. When the man was finished, he untied a multicolored silk scarf and mopping his face, he wiped his beard; and leaning over, he looked deep into the well for what seemed to the child a very long time.

Curious, the little boy tried to climb the well’s side to see what was inside. Seeing him, the man smiled, picked the small boy up, and said: “Do you know where God lives?” Shaking his head no, the man held him over the well, and said: “Look.” In the stillness of that water the boy saw his own reflection and said: “That’s me!” and the man replied: “Ah, now you know where God lives.”

Neville Goddard 10-14-1968

Priceless.  Revealing.  Truth.     Can   you  accept  this and   BELIEVE it in?  ~KMK

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