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This,  is   architectural  poetry.   love it.


http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/31250760/list/mysticism-and-meaning-meet-in-an-ohio-artists-gardens w=300


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This is what I did this morning. I opened my BRITA water container to pour more water into it, and see what looked like a “fuzz”, so I took a napkin and tried to sweep it out, but the fuzz, was really a balled -up spider, you know, one of those small ones that are a very light tan and that you could easily smash, even with a swipe of a napkin. But no, this spider, instead dropped down in the Brita’s water “tank” , where the water from your faucet gets filtered. So, I had to take the whole thing apart to get this spider out. Which I did. And I turned her loose in the laundry room, where she might find some joy in a cobweb that she can add some of her own silk to. I FULLY expect that this spider will, show herself again to me, crossing my desk as I sit with my laptop in an evening hour. I think I have, in fact, rescued her (or maybe it was her brother or sister)  from various other predicaments that she has gotten herself into, all with the possibility of death if I hadn’t seen her.

BUT WHY?????? WHY, you are asking… are you RESCUING SPIDERS??? Well, first off, they have work to do on this planet too, whatever it is. And who am I to kill her , thereby squashing her life purpose? And, second, SPIDER is the symbol of creativity. But ALSO…. MAGICK: (and here I quote)

” The first is the magic  and energy of creation. It is a symbol of CREATIVE POWER… It is also associated with  keeping the feminine energies of creation alive and strong….. The third predominant magic of the spider is associated with its spiral energy, the links with the past and the future. ”

Also, “spider is the GUARDIAN of the ancient languages and alphabets. ” (this is quoted from ANIMAL SPEAK, The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, by Ted Andrews) See or buy the book here : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0875420281?ie=UTF8&tag=bluettproduk-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creativeASIN=0875420281

And so, does CREATIVITY AND MAGICK and LANGUAGE need to be rescued in today’s world? YES, I do believe so. So the next time you see a spider, be brave. Rescue it, move it to another spot, but refrain from killing it. Then, watch to see what magic and creativity sprout forth in your life.

And if you don’t see any magic or creativity sprout forth, well , then at least you  have an interesting point of conversation for the next time someone asks you what you have been up to; you can say, “Well, today I rescued a spider.” Certainly more fun and intriguing than talking about, say… the weather. Or the economy. Or the sad state of the BEARS. Or all the baseball stars who are now getting caught for being on steroids. (Really, THEY could use some spider magic now, couldn’t they….)

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Every day, I look out in the yard, and see the garden,  snow covered though it may be, and well,  Albert Camus said it best —

In the midst of winter I discovered within me, an invincible summer. – Camus

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Sad news, indeed.

I have never seen one of their installations “live”, nonetheless, I have been very inspired by their work, by their collaboration, by the vision of their projects, by the faith they have in their own work.


Some of their work is documented here:


Well worth watching. Beats the stuff that is on TV, hands down.

Their website is : http://www.christojeanneclaude.net/

Running Fence and The Gates, are favorites of mine. All of their installations require untold amounts of work, planning, cooperation, details. But Running Fence, also required permission from ranchers and farmers to install the fence temporarily on their personal land. Watch the film about this one to see what happens when something literally bigger than you are, is put in place, even though it is temporary. But it is NOT temporary in the mind, as anyone can attest who has seen their work live, or even on film. I can still hear the wind, running through the fence….

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A very thoughtful post from Heronswood Nursery, about sunflowers and linking it to Independence Day:


“And, oh, the sunflower’s large and happy face! Is this not the face of the American people? Bright, cheerful and full of wonder? See how it stands sturdy and tall, its flowering head a beacon of sunshine. Regard this radiant floral friend, aglow with American warmth and happiness.

Ladies and Gentleman, on this day of national celebration, let us all salute the sunflower, the Great American Flower. Let us give praise to this native species that gives us so much beauty, happiness and practical benefit. This land is your land. This flower is your flower.”   ~George Ball

July 4th has a special significance for me now, as it was the day my mother died, 4 years ago. She so loved this holiday. And as it turns out, she came to love the sunflowers I was growing in the yard, that were visible from her window as she was becoming more confined and ill. She watched them, day by day, as they grew, and as they kept their happy faces to the sun. She was sad with me when a wild storm blew through and severed the large sunflower stalk that was growing closest to her window. At her funeral, a friend sent a lovely floral arrangement with a big fat sunflower head in it.  I almost fell over – coincidence? My friend did not direct the florist who made that arrangment.

This year, I decided to take a break from growing sunflowers, as my one bed is fuller than last year, and I don’t quite know where to put them. But, after reading this essay about the joyous sunflower, how can I now refrain ? How can I let myself NOT be a food source to the birds and squirrels who the seeds will feed in the fall? How can I let the memory of my mother live on in a beauty way?

Into the garden I go, right now, hoping they will still grow with this cooler weather and with this late planting.

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Poet Billy Collins is a favorite. Being so close to the forest preserve, seeing road kills is a given, and it always stays with me, just as is written about in this poem.

From Nine Horses: Poems; Billy Collins, 2003 Random House Trade Paperbacks

Even though I managed to swerve around the lump
of groundhog lying on its back on the road,
he traveled with me for miles,
a quiet passenger
who passed the time looking out the window
enjoying this new view of the woods
he once hobbled around in,
sleeping all day and foraging at night,
rising sometimes to consult the wind with his snout.
Last night he must have wandered
onto the road, hoping to slip
behind the curtain of soft ferns on the other side.
I see these forms every day
and always hope the next one up ahead
is a shredded tire, a discarded brown coat,
but there they are, assuming
every imaginable pose for death’s portrait.
This one I speak of, for example,
the one who rode with me for miles,
reminded me of a small Roman citizen,
with his prosperous belly,
his faint smile,
and his one stiff forearm raised
as if he were still alive, still hailing Caesar.

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This is the word of the day. A friend of mine said that I have the ability to intimidate the un-intimidateable.

Today on the trail, with Rocky, the coyote appeared once again. This time, he/she was running away from me, across the  field with the large electric transformers that sometimes buzz; I don’t even know where he sprang from.  It was in the mid-afternoon, when the sun is low slung and sometimes annoying in how it catches you at just the precise angle when you are trying to see something clearly. The  sun casting its glow on the coyote’s retreating figure , though, made for a great picture. Well, it would have, if I had had a telephoto camera with me. I did have my lowly digital, but the coyote was going so fast, and I had the dog with me, so I couldn’t get the shot. Why was the coyote running? Will we continue to have these rendezvous?

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