saving lives with art

“I learned that an artist is someone who makes art to save her life.” Marlene Azoulai

so true, on many levels…~ KMK


I know a cure for sadness:
Let your hands touch something that
makes your eyes

I bet there are a hundred objects close by
that can do that.

Look at
beauty’s gift to us –
her power is so great she enlivens
the earth, the sky, our


Ah, the . RUMI. just what . needed to . float . across the facebook tonight. ~KMK

set it on fire…

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” ~ Rumi

and this too :

I want to say words that flame
as i say them,
but I keep quiet and don’t try
to make both worlds fit in one mouth.


short bits for a Monday wake up. ~ kmk

forceful thoughts

having to think those ” forceful” thoughts today. However I prefer the word “persistent”. We must be persistent and stay in the state of the realized fantasy without exception. ~KMK

Kattalina's Blog

this  bit is from an article  that I read  some years ago,  and  it  is worth sharing  and  repeating.

“Learn to substitute the  positive dream  for the negative dream.  The most important thing  that the mind   has to understand   is that  fantasy and reality  are not very different.  When your  fantasies gain enough strength to  become reality  within    your own consciousness, there will be    no distinction between     fantasy and reality.  Fantasy  is  phenomenon   that is  not yet  realized.  Reality  is  a realized fantasy.

If things do not happen,   it is   because  your thoughts  of  manifestation  lack force.   You  have to create  forceful thoughts  that will stay  longer in   your consciousness.  Continually  think  forceful thoughts.   Think forceful thoughts over and over  and over again  for long periods of time.    Then those    thoughts will  become   very  powerful,  and the  manifestation  will occur sooner.”

I do not know who the author of this …

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The New Rule ; Rumi

“It’s the old rule that drunks have to argue
and get into fights.
The lover is just as bad. He falls into a hole.
But down in that hole he finds something shining,
worth more than any amount of money or power.

Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street.
I took it as a sign to start singing,
falling up into the bowl of the sky.
The bowl breaks. Everywhere is falling everywhere.
Nothing else to do.

Here’s the new rule: break the wineglass,
and fall toward the glassblower’s breath.” ~ Rumi


Sometimes, yes, we have to do this. ~KMK

Heart~ Marc Chagall

If I create  from the heart,   nearly  everything works;

if  from the head,    almost  nothing.

~  Marc  Chagall


This is  always true.    I  have found that, on   any    project that I might be working on,   and even if  I  am  bored with it,  if  I   find  some  sense of   “heart”,  things   shift for the better.   Way  back when,  when I had  my   gardening  business,   on the  days that were the   boring or more   challenging  days,  for  eg, if  the weather was  crappy or  if  my  design wasn’t  looking that great,  I  would  step  back  and   find   SOMETHING,  to   engage my heart with.  It   could be as  simple as  seeing  a  butterfly  or  even watching  a   bird or the   squirrels  chatter  at  each other.  So  simple,    and     profound, this shifting of the  mind  and  heart.  ~KMK



“We are  in  a   phase  when one  age is   succeeding another, when  everything is  possible.”  ~  Vaclav  Havel



Sometimes, I   have to make  a concerted  effort  to remind myself of this,  especially on  days when  everything   seems to  be  messed  up.   So I  shift,  and    remain in this  place  when I  go to   sleep.   And  I  do that  not in a state  of  ” thinking  positive”;   no,  I do it  in  a  state   of  KNOWINGNESS,  and  science. ~ KMK