This is one of the   pantoums I wrote  to  apply for a  fellowship   program to  Prague.   Writing a   pantoum is   no easy  task, I will say.  Writing one is  a challenge;  writing  18  (  which I did)  is another matter.  Manik is one of the   20  Mayan  birth signs.


Manik, Blue Hand,
The true nature of
rests in your gateway.

The true nature of
inventiveness and completion
rests in your gateway,
with your graceful tools.

Inventiveness and completion
embrace in
your graceful tools
that feel, heal, and know.

I embrace
a fluid life process
that feels, heals, and knows.
A dance to wholeness emerges.

A fluid life process
uses intent, focus, and commitment.
A dance to wholeness emerges,
supplying satisfaction.

Using intent, focus, and commitment,
Manik, Blue Hand,
supply the satisfaction
of accomplishment.

A  good  post on change….


sylvia plath find

I  decided to   search for something on my   computer. I found this gem. Had to publish here.

Ms. Plath and I  have  quite a friendship.  Sometimes  she appears at my door.  Anyone who knows me well or  know  about her will know what I am talking about.


I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.
Whatever I see I swallow immediately
Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.
I am not cruel, only truthful –
The eye of a little god, four-cornered.
Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall.
It is pink, with speckles. I have looked at it so long
I think it is part of my heart. But it flickers.
Faces and darkness separate us over and over.

Now I am a lake. A woman bends over me,
Searching my reaches for what she really is.
Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon.
I see her back, and reflect it faithfully.
She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands.
I am important to her. She comes and goes.
Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness.
In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman
Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.

Sylvia Plath

I have   read    many,  many articles  on  managing anxiety.   When I saw this one in my  email today, I thought
” ok.  Let’s  see if there is  anything worthy in here…. ”   not really  believing that there would be….


But I was  pleasantly surprised.  I   think my favorite is   #1….   but they all have  merit.  I  also  did  #5.   I took a  very short walk to the  mailbox and this, for someone who has NOT  been able to do this in a   very long time ( 8 weeks?     due to  the  neurotransmitters in my  brain  not transmitting the right signals for walking to my   legs)  this was a   major accomplishment.)   I literally   FORCED  myself to do this…    because I was going to attempt  this walk earlier in the   morning,  but I was  too  unstable  and too afraid of  falling. Plus I   did it without using my Mountainsmith  http://mountainsmith.com/index.php/trekking-poles.html#page=1trekking   poles, well,  at  least on the way to  the  box,  but  not back  because I  had to walk up  a  very slight   incline. The  other good   news about this walk that there was  mostly  junk in  the  mailbox. So  easy– to sort through….. :-)My   trekkers  have  been such a  lifesaver.  I originally  bought them to  walk on the trail(s) in and around Palos  Hill, IL,   and  on those  jaunts I experienced some  lovely moments,  sights, and  surprises.  You can read more about that a  bit here…http://www.blurb.com/b/770786-chasing-magick-book-1To  this  article on anxiety I would add  having  Kava Stress Relief tea on hand. http://www.amazon.com/Yogi-Kava-Stress-Relief-Bags/dp/B0009F3QKW The  flavor on this tea is…. a   bit  unusual,   but it does the   job.  You can  get this tea  at   any good   health food store or  Whole  Foods.

I  am on a  Bruce  Lipton roll today.   What an  engaging   speaker  who   truly   knows  his stuff  and also  is  funny and   totally authentic.

At  the 37:00 minute  point, he starts to talk about   ” super  learning” … which is    all about   energy psychology and  EFT  as well as other  modalities that are on that same  page…


This a  video  that   deserves immediate attention  because he     discusses  how   our world is already     moving toward   extinction.  Then he discusses  ( a  bit later on )  how the  millenials are   not   buying into any of the  ” programs” that   currently run our world today.   Perhaps, there IS     hope for the world to  not self  destruct in   two  years time…  ( or even less…).

What role does your emotions and symptoms play on your body?.

I  adore   Dr.  Bruce  Lipton.

Which is saying a  lot   bc  I am   not a fan  of doctors,  bc   most of them   have  gotten  caught  up in the trap   of  BIG PHARMA    (  read:  MONEY)   and  also don’t want to  be challenged  on anything at all.

There is an  exception  ( for me)  that I   do follow  though….   If   you are in a   bad car accident…   those  doctors are I think on the  up and  up.  Because it is their   to   save  your  life, so to speak,  no matter  how  big or small.  In  the case  of my accident, though,  it was a  pretty easy call.  I was  T- boned   (   driver  side)  and     in a sense it was a  no brainer for the doctors.  They  knew  what to  immediately check for , which was  my lungs,   which had  collapsed  ( the   one on the left)  ,  even though I   couldn’t  detect any  difference in the  immediate  hours after the accident in my  breathing.

But I will say this too,   I didn’t   blindly   lie there  and  think to myself ” ok   doctors    fix me.”   NO.  I   GOT  BUSY.  I TOOK  ACTION. I STARTED DOING   EFT   IMMEDIATELY.   Did it in the ambulance,  in the  hospital, and any time I was sittlng there   waiting,   which is a   given  when   you are there.  In fact, I was  educating the   emergency   technicians  while on the way to the   hospital.   More on that later,     and this too–   ”  Why are  emergency  technicians  always   cute/ hot/gorgeous/beautiful?”   I ain’t    complaining  tho…     I  LOVE  EYE  CANDY….

Yeah, doing a  180   here.  This was  posted to the  HOUZZ   website and  I    think this is  quite  beautiful. So I had to post it here.



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