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Well,  I had  an interesting , for  lack of a   better word , experience this  morning. I guess the better word would be ” scary”.

I was  taking a shower, which is no  big deal, right. Except, it is for me, at this time in my  life. I am having a  physical challenge with my  mobility. To that end, I have this great teak  folding  bench in the shower from Bed Bath and Beyond.  It  comes  in handy for shaving my legs too, as well as  giving a total Zen – like  experience to a shower.  It is the  perfect size  as well, it fits  into the  narrower  bathtubs. I  LOVE this  bench seat.   Plus, it   folds easily in  2 in a  matter of seconds.  I looked online to see if BBB  has  it on their website, but they  currently don’t have it listed  anymore. ( Probably  bc it is     below ZERO  here in the  Chicago area as I write this ,  or for some other reason  that is  unknown to me).  It is a very elegant  piece  of   furniture and it  could be  used outside as well. i can’t say  enough good things about this  thing.

So,  I am sitting on the  bench. I had  my towels on the toilet seat    bc it is an an easy reach  from the shower .   Well,  the towels had fallen to the  other side   of the   toilet and I couldn’t reach them.  The simple thing to do, of course, would be to stand   up and  just  continue on. Except,  what if  you couldn’t stand  up, for whatever reason?   Which was what  my situation was. So, I made the  mistake of   simply leaning to the side  to see if I could get the towel.  BAD IDEA.  Because, the  bench,  of course   collapsed in  2.  So,  somehow, though, I was able to  reach the towel anyway.   However, I   had  also  sort of  ” collapsed” to the shower  floor. My legs were  folded  in some sort of ca-ca  way.    So there I am, sitting there, with a towel  only  half on me,  bc I  couldn’t stand  up fully.

This probably sounds weird to someone who  has no idea what it is like to lose  mobility in  any  part of  your  body. Imagine that , one side of  your  body,  both arm and leg, are not working.  How can  you function?  Well,  usually,   you have to  be creative.  Which is what I did.  EFT TO THE RESCUE!!!

EFT IS  MY “GO TO ”  NOW for so many things.  So  of course, by this  point, I am  so  psst off and frustrated that I   feel  like   taking a  vodka   bath.  (  that is another story for another time)   But, since I was sort of trapped there,   I had to   figure out  a way  out of there so I   could get dressed etc.

SO the first round of tapping was on the frustration and the anger of this happening. ” Even  though I am so  angry that this  happened  to me….”I am  SO psst  off.”

“How did I let  this happen?” etc.

At this  point, tears  came out, as they should.  Tears are a release and a good thing. Then, I did a round of  tapping on  gratitude  that 1.  I didn’t get  hurt  2.  that  nothing was  broken, aka either the  bench or  say, the shower  faucet.    This all took a  matter of  maybe 10  minutes.  You have  to understand that I also was  having a serious  issue ” unfolding”  my legs. So I  did a round of tapping on  being folded  up like a  pretzel (   not a good  position to be in ).  Then, after a   few deep  breaths,  I was able to  unkink  one  leg, then the other, and then grab onto the  shower   handle  bar on the shower  wall and  pull myself  up.

So, i made it out of there  OK.   EFT  can be used for anything at all.   Seriously.  It  really comes in  handy in    little   emergencies  like  this when your  body, or parts of it,   gives out on  you and won’t  co- operate. IT INSTANTLY calms  you down and clears the brain so  you can think  better.


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I  am sharing this  information  about the trauma code  because I  use  this code,  and this  method, as I have experienced  considerable trauma  in the  past  2  years.

In the  moment,  I   cannot  enumerate  how this works or why,  however,  this  work  with  Dr. Daniel, is a  much   higher or  more advanced  level  of  EFT ( emotional freedom  technique).  I have  worked  with Dr. Daniel  personally and I   only have  good  feedback.  Take a  look at  his website   where   you will find extensive   information,  as well as  some  freebies. (*  nb.   Dr. Daniel  works alongside  his wife  Beth, who also  is  a  founder of  Quantum  Techniques)

The website is  www.quantumtechniques.com

And  here is the code:


As   he  mentions,  you  cannot  be   harmed   by   doing this.  Much  better and safer  than  drugs  or the  like,  eh?

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I wrote a  post a few  years ago,  in  2009  to be exact,  about tapping—  using  EFT,   for money.

My five minute EFT protocol, consisted simply of saying, “Even though I don’t know how this is going to happen, I thank the Universe for my consistent weekly income of X dollars.” There are variations on this, ie, ” Thank you Universe for opening up the channels of abundance and opportunity for me. ”

Considering the good  outcome I had  back then, I have decided to revisit this and do another   ” money experiment.”  Except  this time, I   am putting a  much shorter  time frame on it.  I am    making the  length of the experiment, 15  days instead of  30.    I am also adding in a few  other  things to the  experiment.   While this will make it  more difficult to determine ,  when the  money comes,    which one it was that caused the  influx, in this  moment, I am  just wanting to have some  fun, and  “stack the deck”, so to speak.   I  will   continue to post results….. 🙂

And  here is one of the  ” fun ”  ideas:

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A   really great    EFT  (  emotional freedom  technique)   tapping script.   LOVE this.


Does  a  lot to   relax   yourself when  you are  worried  about…    anything.  Now, someone  might  say, well,   why do I   need to do the tapping?  Can’t  I  just say   or think these things in my head?      The reason is, if  you  just think these things,   you would  not be affecting   your body.  And the  body,  is where   tensions and stress get   held, and cause all   sorts of  disorder.

Be  sure  to   breathe  deeply as she  does,  and  also   drink some water  after  you are finished.  This will   continue to   move the energy in your  body.

If  you   have  never tried  EFT,  I  encourage  you to try it now. IT is  easy,   just   follow  along and repeat   what she says. I  think   you might be  surprised at    the sense of  peace that arises.  Drop  me a    line  and  let   me know   what  you think  after  you try it.

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This   is  a   bonafide  scientific  explanation  about   how   Energy   Psychology  ( aka  EFT  or   Emotional Freedom  Technique) works   and why .     The  thing is tho,  that   things   like  EFT    needs to   be  repeated   regularly in order to work.  This  is where   people  get  lost,  bc they don’t   have  the   perseverance to stick it out.  But  once   the   new   formulation   happens,   THEN,  there is   no going back to  the trauma ,   because the  trauma  has  been  ”  disregulated”.   The   best   ” mantra” that  he gives, is,  is  thus:  ”  nerves  that   fire together  wire together.”

So   here is the  link:

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that, most of the time, until you uncover and remove a blocking belief that is in your way, and that you might not even know is in your way, you will fail or fall off. Uncovering the blocking belief , the root of that weed that is so strong and wrapped around your subconscious, is really the challenge, because it takes some digging, and as in real life garden weeding, sometimes it ain’t so pretty. If you are overweight and have never been able to get to your “right size”, for example,  many times the issue stems from something that happened in childhood. For smokers, there are all kinds of rooted beliefs that cause this addiction. For people with other challenges, like increasing their income, finding a job, or getting out of a negative relationship, you can be certain that there are many “weeds” lurking around.   And, for those who have failed at resolutions before, but every year make a new one, it is safe to say that there could be a blocking belief just about making resolutions that is in place!

Given that this is the “season” for making resolutions, I am jumping on the bandwagon here to tout one of my services (EFT coaching) that can assist in actually keeping your resolution by finding the root cause that is hindering you. And I pretty much  can guarantee that the mainstream media these days are not talking about EFT, so you won’t see this on TV. One of the best testimonials I have comes from a woman who quit smoking after 49 years. Here it is:

“I am finally free of my 49 year smoking habit! When Kattalina told me about this new method of using EFT to heal addictions, I was very skeptical, as I had tried everything to quit in the past – you name it, I had tried it, including the patch, hypnosis, acupuncture, etc. We had only 3 sessions, and after a  very small bit of using the EFT process on my own, I am now smoke free. The method itself seems silly, but the results  stand firm.”

– J.G., LaGrange, IL

The great thing about using EFT to break a bad habit is that in the process, many times there is laughter as the old beliefs are unrooted and hacked away. And there is enlightenment. And there is peace.

So, happy resolution making, and weed whacking! And if you are ready to have at those weeds, even chomping at the bit, send me a note requesting more information on this process, how it works and all the nitty gritty, and I will be on your virtual doorstep with weed whacker in hand,  at the ready.

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Today, given the beautiful weather, I went walking on one of my regular trails in the forest preserve. I always forget til I get there, that this particular trail, retains water in certain areas if there is not ample opportunity to dry out.

About 5 minutes into my hike, I slipped into a furrow caused by regular streams of water that had caused the gravel path to get washed away in certain spots. The furrows in some spots are fairly deep.  I was using my nordic walking poles, so I didn’t fall, but, I could immediately feel soreness  and some pain in my right ankle –  I had definitely twisted it. On this path, there are benches at regular intervals, so I sat down at the nearest one. And then, began doing EFT. Tapping on the karate chop point: “Even though I thought I was being careful…..Even though I feel like a dork for slipping….Even though the forest preserve should fix these furrows and add more gravel….”  Then, on the points: ” This sore twisted ankle…. this sore twisted ankle….” I did about 6 rounds. This took approximately 5 minutes. I evaluated the sensation in my ankle. There was virutally no soreness, it felt normal. So, I cheerfully began my hike again, and did not  need to baby my foot or my pace in any way. In fact, I walked at a slightly faster pace because I couldn’t wait to get home and write about this!!

I have given up needing to know exactly how EFT is able to work so quickly. It does seem like magic sometimes. And just embracing the magic is perfectly acceptable. It does make me sad sometimes that people are so skeptical of this healing method, which is safer than any current Western medicine. But I am realizing now that many, many people get so used to pain and suffering, where it literally becomes part of their identity. And letting go of that is can be extremely scary. If you think on this, the question arises, WHO WILL I BE without this pain/suffering/problem (whatever it might be)? I could turn into the greatest, grandest vision of myself if I let all the “junk” go. And that’s a tall order…do I dare even  go there?

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