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Happened to find this  in  a  file  that I   had  about the  Law.   Indeed,   I like to think of the  metaphor of  boomerangs.  ~  kmk

“I hold it true that thoughts are things;
They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings;
And that we send them forth to fill
The world with good results, or ill.
That which we call our secret thought
Speeds forth to earth’s remotest spot,
Leaving its blessings or its woes
Like tracks behind it as it goes.
We build our future thought by thought,
For good or ill, yet know it not.
Yet, so the universe was wrought.
Thought is another name for fate;
Choose, then, thy destiny and wait,
For love brings love and hate brings hate.”

—Henry Van Dyke


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neville_goddard_reality_army_polk“You know what you want. You hurt no one, but you must turn to God. And God is your own wonderful human imagination. Choose this day whom you will serve. And they answered ‘We choose the Lord’. You are witnesses against yourself that you have chosen the Lord. We are witnesses against ourself for the Lord’s only name is I AM. Well, who was actually assuming that he was, in his own apartment 2,000 miles away? I AM. I am assuming I am where physically I am not.”

“But the reality of me is not this, the reality of this speaker is his imagination. And I must be where I am in imagination. So the body was in Camp Polk, the reality of me was in that apartment of mine in New York City. You will take this story and multiply it thousands of times. But here, while you are here I would like to make it so clear that you and you alone are responsible for your own selection.”

“I can teach you the law, that’s the law in the nutshell, what I’ve just told you, but I cannot get behind you and say “No, not that, take this”. I can’t guide your ship. I must leave you to your choice and warn you it carries a risk unless you take your wonderful code and surround it.” – Neville Goddard

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Someone from  one of  my FB    Neville  groups  posted this and it is SO   cool, and   mind blowing,  and   REAL,  that if  everyone understood this  concept,  I   believe :

A. so  many  people would  start  having more FUN in their lives

2.   science would    no longer be thought of as  “boring”

3. people would start  KNOWING  how  powerful we  really are as   individuals….

4.  and last   but not least….    “new” worlds would  be  uncovered,  revealed,  embraced.   Rock  Solid  Gold  here!!!



“Here recently – when I say recently – 1949,
one of our great scientists discovered a certain principle
in physics, and these are his words, not my words,
but long before he discovered it and told it in this strange way,
I told him, to the criticism of those who heard what I was saying.

They said,

“The man is insane.”

I said, I can go in time into a state that is not yet realized,
and I can live in that state as though it were true,
and then I can return to this state that I have shut out for a moment,
and then, in a way that I do not know, I move forward
across a series of events leading up to the fulfillment of that state.

And a man in Milwaukee
– he was the head of this chemical department of a huge,
huge organization – Allis Chalmers.

He was their great physicist, where they sent in all kinds
of samples of water from all over the world for his analysis,
to explain why they were getting sediment on the huge,
big turbines that they were making.

And so, he analyzed the water and then sent back
his analysis of the water, because water picks up
the little sediments across the land that it flows over.

And so, if they bring certain things – well,
it cakes within the thing, so he tries to explain why.

So, when I said what I have just told you, he said,

“It can’t be done.

We have a law in science, which we call entropy.

Entropy is:

“you cannot change the past; that the past is unalterable.

Man is moving forward in time with an unalterable past.”

I said, “You can change the past.

Man can revise the past,
and change it as though it never happened.

The day will come,
everyone is going to change the entire past, and simply revise it.”

He said,

“It can’t be done.

I am a scientist.

I am the leader in my profession.”

Well, he was big enough to send me a copy of that which came
out in the Science Bulletin about two months after I left Milwaukee,
and this is what the scientists said – he had just been given
the Nobel Prize for what he wrote in 1949.

His name is Dr. Richard Feynman,
now Professor of Physics at Cal-Tech.

And in this magazine he wrote,
months after I told the story in Milwaukee, and he said,
discussing a little particle – an atomic particle known as a positron:

He said,

“The positron starts from where it hasn’t been,
and it moves to where it was a moment before;
arriving there, it is bounced so hard, its time sense is reversed,
and it moves back to where it hasn’t been.”

Now that is Professor Feynman of Cal-Tech.

I said, I go forward in time to where I have not yet visited physically,
and I simply enclose myself in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

I haven’t yet realized it physically, but I go forward in
my mind’s eye, in my imagination, into the state,
and I talk with my friends from the wish fulfilled as though it were true.

Then I open my eyes and I am startled to find that
I am sitting in a chair where I was a moment before.

And what I have just done is denied by my senses,
but strangely enough, the whole vast world reshuffles
itself and forms a bridge of incidents, across which
I move to the fulfillment of that state where I have been.

So, he said,

“It starts from where it hasn’t been,
and it moves to where it was an instant ago.

Arriving there, it is bounced so hard that its time sense is reversed,
and then it travels back to where it hasn’t been.”

Well, I knew that mystically.

I am not a scientist.

I could not explain it.

The little positron does this as he described it back in 1949.

And for that, last year he was given the Nobel Prize.

They waited all these years to confirm it,
and it has been confirmed now photographically in all the
chambers that they could actually test, and the man was right.


But I had no little particle to prove it.

I only know what I did.

I simply would put myself in a state,
and I would see the world as I would see it if it were true.

I looked, and I saw it,
and my friends smiling with me because they were
happy that I achieved what I said I would achieve.

And so, they were smiling with me.
And then I opened my eyes, and my friends aren’t present.

I am back in my room, and it’s the same old room,
the same limitations, the same everything.

But then, in a way I did not know, this little bridge of incidents
was built, and I went forward to fulfill what I had done.

I went forward and I did what I wanted to do.

And then I started from where I had not been
physically, and sped back to where I was physically;
and then I was bounced – shocked – that it wasn’t true.

I was bounced so hard that I then turned around in my time
sense and moved back to fulfill where I had been in my imagination.

Now, the issue is October the 15th.

It’s called the Science Letter.

You can get it in the Library.

It’s by Richard Feynman – October the 15th, 1949.

And this happened to me in the month of
May in the City of Milwaukee.

And when it came out to him, because he subscribes
to the Science Letter, he sent it to me, and I got it some time
around December of that year; but I said it to him back in May
of that year. I didn’t get the Nobel Prize.

They would have called me mad – completely mad.”

Neville Goddard

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so this is what happens when i googled ” blue chanel men carsons”. i was looking for a fragrance to see if carson’s carried it.  instead i got carried away on this..


THE GLASS ESSAY :  by Ann Carson



it’s long. it’s sad. it’s true. it’s real. ~K


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