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“Let the Soul banish all that disturbs;

Let the Body that envelopes it be still,
And all the frettings of the Body,

And all that surrounds it.
Let Earth and Sea and Air be still
And Heaven itself.
And then let the Body think
Of the Spirit as streaming, pouring,
Rushing and shining into it from
All sides while it stands quiet.”

Plotinus, 205


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“No  tree,  it is said,  can  grow to heaven unless  its  roots   reach  down to   hell.”

~  C.G.  Jung

So  true.  ~kmk

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I  hold the  words broken bones

in my hand; I hold the words

rib cage, the word heart.

I lift every word

like a stone or a feather.


The more beautiful words,

like heaven or nothingness,

feel exactly the same

as fencepost or mailbox,

lamplight or shoelace.



flits like a tongue of flame,

as insubstantial in the  hand

as its  brother, death,

which weighs exactly the same as life.

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