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I  am sharing this  information  about the trauma code  because I  use  this code,  and this  method, as I have experienced  considerable trauma  in the  past  2  years.

In the  moment,  I   cannot  enumerate  how this works or why,  however,  this  work  with  Dr. Daniel, is a  much   higher or  more advanced  level  of  EFT ( emotional freedom  technique).  I have  worked  with Dr. Daniel  personally and I   only have  good  feedback.  Take a  look at  his website   where   you will find extensive   information,  as well as  some  freebies. (*  nb.   Dr. Daniel  works alongside  his wife  Beth, who also  is  a  founder of  Quantum  Techniques)

The website is  www.quantumtechniques.com

And  here is the code:


As   he  mentions,  you  cannot  be   harmed   by   doing this.  Much  better and safer  than  drugs  or the  like,  eh?


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…is  essential to the healing process… ” ~Jean Houston

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Ok, now that the holidays are officially over, and you can breathe again, here is something beneficial for the New Year. It will give you quiet time, space, community, connection, insights, and peace (and  you can continue this process on your own after the 4 weeks are over). Yes, peace, I said…  but you have to experience the Touch Drawing process , in order to believe that peace is possible. That is why I am encouraging everyone that reads this, no matter who you are, male, female, old, young, tall, short, employed or unemployed, sick, stressed or {use whatever label you consistently use to describe yourself these days} to come. Whether you use it to connect with some child like joy, or use  it to connect with your soul, connection is inevitable. And that is one of the greatest gifts there is.

Be  NOT afraid of the “drawing” word. This is not an art class. There are no grades, no critiques, no technique to learn. Just pure, uninhibited expression and freedom. Here, you are free to get out of your box.

Touch Drawing Class at Lyons Township H.S. in LaGrange, IL
February 15, 22, March 1, 8, 2011, 6:30 – 8:30 pm:

Immerse yourself in a simple, but profound, drawing process called Touch Drawing. Through the movement of fingertips and hands on paper that has been placed over wet paint, imagery is created. Somatic awareness, intuition and creativity are awakened. Touch drawing is very useful for those undergoing any sort of transition in their life, for those seeking personal retreat time to renew themselves, and it is also relevant for artists seeking to deepen their personal expression. The process of Touch Drawing is soothing, healing, and transformative. This class will include both time for solitary work as well as group sharing as we act as witnesses to each person’s journey on paper. People who do not identify themselves as artists frequently have powerful experiences of self-expression and inspiration. Those with art skills find a renewed source of imagery and authenticity. This experience is guided but you will have ample time to be on your own. We will all be diving in together!


Sign up here:

For more information  on Touch Drawing itself, visit http://www.touchdrawing.com.

Questions about this experience are welcomed. Send an email to me directly at kattalina9@sbcglobal.net.

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A new class I will be teaching at my favorite suburban gallery and art space/shop, TLD Designs in  Westmont, IL:

scroll down to paper arts.




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Tuesday night, i went to see Caroline Myss on the opening leg of her book tour for Defying Gravity:

Her short lecture, made sense of so many things about our world today, it was almost like receiving a shot of “enlightenment”, truly. Her book, is of course, on the list for my next Borders trip, and I hope to write a review and perhaps more about that here.

A few excerpts, direct from Caroline’s lecture are thus:

“Logic keeps the soul at a distance.”

“All changes becomes instant; all change becomes profound. Reason, cannot GRASP the psychic intensity of this. ” (here she was talking about the timelessness of the world we are now living in)

“Time is out of the equation.”

“A reasonable life is driven by unreasonable fear that controls you constantly.”

“Releasing the soul becomes the most reasonable thing to do because you become liberated; your heart and your head are lined up.”

“Healing comes from the congruence of the soul.”

“Disdain for the ordinary is what makes us seek the extraordinary.”

“A crisis in your life is a call to be(come) a mystic.”

“Crisis, shatters our reason.”

“The unreasonable self is the mystical self.”

“In every single every-ness, we are either giving love or taking it away.”

And, thanks to the timelessness of the world we are living in now, you can witness this mystic “live” via Youtube. She has various presentations there on this “Defy Gravity” subject. As the presenter who introduces her at the Omega conference said, if you are not familiar with her, or seen her before, put a seatbelt on, “buckle up”. She is a strong personality and very passionate….some don’t know how to handle this. But, I dare you to take it through all the way to the 11th youtube segment. Just sit, and listen. And then do it again. You can’t absorb her in one take.


It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?
The world is in a state of spiritual crisis, but this topic does not come out in everyday conversation…because too many are afraid, to admit it, to talk about it, to even poke it with a stick. This is not about religion, or faith, or what sort of God you believe in or don’t. This is about our SPIRITS.

My personal enlightenment from this lecture: my walks at Pleasure Lake, were in fact, mystical… (I called them magickal). I know what it feels like to be connected to the beauty of the everything on an intimate, intimate level. Do you?

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Today, given the beautiful weather, I went walking on one of my regular trails in the forest preserve. I always forget til I get there, that this particular trail, retains water in certain areas if there is not ample opportunity to dry out.

About 5 minutes into my hike, I slipped into a furrow caused by regular streams of water that had caused the gravel path to get washed away in certain spots. The furrows in some spots are fairly deep.  I was using my nordic walking poles, so I didn’t fall, but, I could immediately feel soreness  and some pain in my right ankle –  I had definitely twisted it. On this path, there are benches at regular intervals, so I sat down at the nearest one. And then, began doing EFT. Tapping on the karate chop point: “Even though I thought I was being careful…..Even though I feel like a dork for slipping….Even though the forest preserve should fix these furrows and add more gravel….”  Then, on the points: ” This sore twisted ankle…. this sore twisted ankle….” I did about 6 rounds. This took approximately 5 minutes. I evaluated the sensation in my ankle. There was virutally no soreness, it felt normal. So, I cheerfully began my hike again, and did not  need to baby my foot or my pace in any way. In fact, I walked at a slightly faster pace because I couldn’t wait to get home and write about this!!

I have given up needing to know exactly how EFT is able to work so quickly. It does seem like magic sometimes. And just embracing the magic is perfectly acceptable. It does make me sad sometimes that people are so skeptical of this healing method, which is safer than any current Western medicine. But I am realizing now that many, many people get so used to pain and suffering, where it literally becomes part of their identity. And letting go of that is can be extremely scary. If you think on this, the question arises, WHO WILL I BE without this pain/suffering/problem (whatever it might be)? I could turn into the greatest, grandest vision of myself if I let all the “junk” go. And that’s a tall order…do I dare even  go there?

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