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I  am sharing this  information  about the trauma code  because I  use  this code,  and this  method, as I have experienced  considerable trauma  in the  past  2  years.

In the  moment,  I   cannot  enumerate  how this works or why,  however,  this  work  with  Dr. Daniel, is a  much   higher or  more advanced  level  of  EFT ( emotional freedom  technique).  I have  worked  with Dr. Daniel  personally and I   only have  good  feedback.  Take a  look at  his website   where   you will find extensive   information,  as well as  some  freebies. (*  nb.   Dr. Daniel  works alongside  his wife  Beth, who also  is  a  founder of  Quantum  Techniques)

The website is  www.quantumtechniques.com

And  here is the code:


As   he  mentions,  you  cannot  be   harmed   by   doing this.  Much  better and safer  than  drugs  or the  like,  eh?


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