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I  really   hope  everyone  will  take a  few   minutes to  watch this!   Pretty soon  Walgreen’s   will  have  her    technology  everywhere,  ( it is  already in  Arizona) which  is  changing the  face of   health care…where   a  test  will  be  easily accessible  and  tests  will  cost  $1  and  up,   not $500…    I  hope to post  more on  her  here.  She  is  all  over    Youtube ,  so  go   there  as  well.  Never  before  have I  been inspired   by  such  a  young  person.  And  here is  another one.


She  mentions  diabetes  (  briefly) in this    talk.

As  an  aside, I  found out  about her  and Theranos  from  a  person  that I  literally   just   met in person  about  a   month  ago  (and  no,  we   weren’t   talking  about  health care,  we  were    discussing  broad   range  ideas…  about  everything…leading  many times to  long   conversations).  This is  someone that  is also   perhaps   brilliant…  but  they  simply  can’t  see it  (yet).


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this is a post suggested by wordpress to propel bloggers to blog. er, to get in a real habit of it, if it isn’t already well formed. So the suggestion is to write about ” those who deserves more credit. ” When I first read this I thought…. well i dont have a clue . Then it came to me….. 2 firm thoughts. The first one is, those who are not afraid to defy western medical standard outdated advice that , in the end, doesn’t work that well. I should rephrase here and say, ” those who choose to search for better answers, not to accept a doctor’s word as coming from G-d and that there are no other alternatives, those that are not afraid to challenge the western medical models.” I was at a party two nights ago and heard a story from a woman who was having all sorts of strange symptoms that she couldn’t explain. So her doctor recommended gad loads of tests. An MRI, a CT scan , and all sorts of high end expensive others. I understand the idea behind this. However, in the end, she ended up paying 4K for all these tests, which f ound ZERO, and guess what the doctor’s final diagnosis was? STRESS. yep, its stress, is all they told her. So 4K out of her pocket, and  her insurance now cancelled bc they said she had some sort of pre-existing condition, which she didn’t, she ends up with no real solution. I have heard more stories like this than I can mention, including one of my own. But more on this later. For now, I will leave it at this, but I will  also say that when she told me this story I just felt sick, and I immediately thought of 3 solutions that she could have tried that were less expensive and  that  I  am sure would have given her some immediate results for her “stress.”

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i recently discovered the website of “the health ranger.” he has put a challenge to BIG PHARMA; you can read about it here


i am loving this. I wonder how more people can get involved in this? I know BIG PHARMA would never even think to attempt this challenge. IT is too  busy looking for a new drug, even as i write this,  that it can sell to unsuspecting, lazy, fearful Americans who believe  that doctors are “authorities”, not a resource that can be researched, challenged, and switched to another resource (like, ummm, proper nutrition, for one) if they don’t produce real results. If people stopped giving their power away to doctors who nowadays rely on the income stream they get from prescribing drugs, and started taking responsibility for their own health, this nation would be  a much healthier, happier place and could even start getting its mojo back. right now the majority of people are too drugged on something to give a care, too tired, too stressed out from the complication their new medication is giving them or the test they now have to have to make sure their new medication won’t cause liver damage, or how they are going to afford this new medication  that is supposed to produce something and it isn’t….

here’s another highly interesting article from a drug rep:


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