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Totally  on  board  with this   quote.

“The  patient  must  learn to take charge  of  his own life.  Don’t  take  your  body  to the  doctor as if  it was  a  repair shop.”

Quentin Regenstein,  MD


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Virtually everywhere now, you can see articles on how to deal with this uncertain time we are experiencing. From licensed psychologists, self help gurus or wannabes, to news reporters and writers, well, everyone is offering advice on what to do to handle the uncertainty and the economic climate.  Just as it is almost impossible to get away from the bad news today, it’s impossible to get away from all the “advices” on how to live and be.  I find this interesting because words alone cannot relax the body and make us feel better in a visceral sense. Although words might be able to give some inspiration, or a bit of humor, or even joy, they simply cannot help the body relax. And even  after following tips about finances and actions to take during a recession, after you do all those, are you truly relaxed? Probably not.

What can help the body relax,  in a very real way, is EFT. And this is why, I am incorporating it into my experiment.  I, as a skeptic, am often surprised myself at what happens to me when I tap, no matter what it is for. New insights often come up, either immediately or the day(s) after. Things in my body heal. This why the one thing that doctors do recommend that I agree with, is to find ways to relax. Unfortunately, due to our culture, especially now, most people suck at deep relaxation.

Tomorrow I will post a sample EFT “script” that anyone can try to 1. get a better understanding of  EFT and how to work it, and 2. possibly some benefit for themself.

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