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I  really   hope  everyone  will  take a  few   minutes to  watch this!   Pretty soon  Walgreen’s   will  have  her    technology  everywhere,  ( it is  already in  Arizona) which  is  changing the  face of   health care…where   a  test  will  be  easily accessible  and  tests  will  cost  $1  and  up,   not $500…    I  hope to post  more on  her  here.  She  is  all  over    Youtube ,  so  go   there  as  well.  Never  before  have I  been inspired   by  such  a  young  person.  And  here is  another one.


She  mentions  diabetes  (  briefly) in this    talk.

As  an  aside, I  found out  about her  and Theranos  from  a  person  that I  literally   just   met in person  about  a   month  ago  (and  no,  we   weren’t   talking  about  health care,  we  were    discussing  broad   range  ideas…  about  everything…leading  many times to  long   conversations).  This is  someone that  is also   perhaps   brilliant…  but  they  simply  can’t  see it  (yet).


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To start… “nano-particles” used in many cosmetics promising things such as wrinkle reduction, sunscreens, and so forth, (especially Dr. Perricone products), are lovely contributors to that thing called cancer.


The second part of the interview talks about how U.S. meat and milk is banned in other countries because of injected (sex) hormones into the cattle, which also, are contributors to that thing called cancer. ( The stats are that currently 80% of milk sold today contains RGBH hormones)

And then there is a section on the Obama Cancer Plan:

“The more money we spend, the more cancer we get.”  This is a  direct quote from the interview. The President has no interest in prevention of cancer, just pushing more drugs that will  continue to make those who take them even sicker, weaker, and miserable, but make Big Pharma happier and richer. You have to wonder if there is a conspiracy going on to kill off as many people as possible via cancer (or other) drugs. Obama is really not interested in  the health of the American public at all; he is just happy massaging BIG Pharma in bed. Yes, lots of massaging going on.

In the meantime, for those out there who are interested in educating themselves, here is an informative website:


I do have some hope,  however, that the general public is possibly getting smarter and more attuned to what is going on;  evidenced by the fact that despite the pushing of the (hoax) “swine flu vaccine”  this past fall/winter, only 20% of the public received it. This means that about 80% acted upon the fact (aka, said “no” to Big Pharma’s antics)  that that vaccine was just another way for BIG Pharma to eke out even more money for their coffers.

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