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Well,  I had  an interesting , for  lack of a   better word , experience this  morning. I guess the better word would be ” scary”.

I was  taking a shower, which is no  big deal, right. Except, it is for me, at this time in my  life. I am having a  physical challenge with my  mobility. To that end, I have this great teak  folding  bench in the shower from Bed Bath and Beyond.  It  comes  in handy for shaving my legs too, as well as  giving a total Zen – like  experience to a shower.  It is the  perfect size  as well, it fits  into the  narrower  bathtubs. I  LOVE this  bench seat.   Plus, it   folds easily in  2 in a  matter of seconds.  I looked online to see if BBB  has  it on their website, but they  currently don’t have it listed  anymore. ( Probably  bc it is     below ZERO  here in the  Chicago area as I write this ,  or for some other reason  that is  unknown to me).  It is a very elegant  piece  of   furniture and it  could be  used outside as well. i can’t say  enough good things about this  thing.

So,  I am sitting on the  bench. I had  my towels on the toilet seat    bc it is an an easy reach  from the shower .   Well,  the towels had fallen to the  other side   of the   toilet and I couldn’t reach them.  The simple thing to do, of course, would be to stand   up and  just  continue on. Except,  what if  you couldn’t stand  up, for whatever reason?   Which was what  my situation was. So, I made the  mistake of   simply leaning to the side  to see if I could get the towel.  BAD IDEA.  Because, the  bench,  of course   collapsed in  2.  So,  somehow, though, I was able to  reach the towel anyway.   However, I   had  also  sort of  ” collapsed” to the shower  floor. My legs were  folded  in some sort of ca-ca  way.    So there I am, sitting there, with a towel  only  half on me,  bc I  couldn’t stand  up fully.

This probably sounds weird to someone who  has no idea what it is like to lose  mobility in  any  part of  your  body. Imagine that , one side of  your  body,  both arm and leg, are not working.  How can  you function?  Well,  usually,   you have to  be creative.  Which is what I did.  EFT TO THE RESCUE!!!

EFT IS  MY “GO TO ”  NOW for so many things.  So  of course, by this  point, I am  so  psst off and frustrated that I   feel  like   taking a  vodka   bath.  (  that is another story for another time)   But, since I was sort of trapped there,   I had to   figure out  a way  out of there so I   could get dressed etc.

SO the first round of tapping was on the frustration and the anger of this happening. ” Even  though I am so  angry that this  happened  to me….”I am  SO psst  off.”

“How did I let  this happen?” etc.

At this  point, tears  came out, as they should.  Tears are a release and a good thing. Then, I did a round of  tapping on  gratitude  that 1.  I didn’t get  hurt  2.  that  nothing was  broken, aka either the  bench or  say, the shower  faucet.    This all took a  matter of  maybe 10  minutes.  You have  to understand that I also was  having a serious  issue ” unfolding”  my legs. So I  did a round of tapping on  being folded  up like a  pretzel (   not a good  position to be in ).  Then, after a   few deep  breaths,  I was able to  unkink  one  leg, then the other, and then grab onto the  shower   handle  bar on the shower  wall and  pull myself  up.

So, i made it out of there  OK.   EFT  can be used for anything at all.   Seriously.  It  really comes in  handy in    little   emergencies  like  this when your  body, or parts of it,   gives out on  you and won’t  co- operate. IT INSTANTLY calms  you down and clears the brain so  you can think  better.


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This   is  a   bonafide  scientific  explanation  about   how   Energy   Psychology  ( aka  EFT  or   Emotional Freedom  Technique) works   and why .     The  thing is tho,  that   things   like  EFT    needs to   be  repeated   regularly in order to work.  This  is where   people  get  lost,  bc they don’t   have  the   perseverance to stick it out.  But  once   the   new   formulation   happens,   THEN,  there is   no going back to  the trauma ,   because the  trauma  has  been  ”  disregulated”.   The   best   ” mantra” that  he gives, is,  is  thus:  ”  nerves  that   fire together  wire together.”

So   here is the  link:

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Love this.  and I LOVE LOVE LOVE TED!




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Well, today is technically Day 22 of my EFT experiment. The good news is that, despite a slew of setbacks, I have still been doing the EFT experiment, although not as intensely as I was planning. What it has come down to is, a conscious effort to do at least 5 minutes of tapping with intent of expanding my money consciousness. While a load of money has not landed in my lap (ummm, yet), a few interesting things have happened through no effort of my own. One of them being, more design work from a current client, and, my photography on an upcoming Easter card and also the cover of a catalog, as well as possibilities for another photo of mine to be in a card series for the fall.  My five minute EFT protocol, consisted simply of saying, “Even though I don’t know how this is going to happen, I thank the Universe for my consistent weekly income of X dollars.” There are variations on this, ie, ” Thank you Universe for opening up the channels of abundance and opportunity for me. ” I usually do this right at bed time, and therefore, have not been good at documenting my statements, as I am usually also sleepy. But any effort in the experiment, I feel, is beneficial.

One of the more difficult things about EFT is having persistence in keeping at it when nothing seems to be happening. It’s almost like you have to have some faith in this process, and a fair amount “casual indifference”. The fact that you cannot see your own brain waves changing as you do this, is also a bit of a challenge. The changes in brain activity have actually been documented, though, as shown here:


So, there are 7 more days of this experiment, and the goal now is to hold on to the 5 minute protocol, at the very least.

In honor of our lovely brains, which have so much more capacity than we can know, is another broadside from The Indig-O Papers. The text on this one reads: “Visit the interior of the Earth; through purification thou wilt find the hidden stone.” ($75)


And yes, in mulling on this alchemical maxim, EFT can be considered a purification process: it heals both body and spirit, and can clear much junk out of our consciousness.

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