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I am really late in writing the result of the 30 day tapping challenge, and for that, I apologize to my readers. But, here I am , once again emerging.

I had no real ” expectations” on this 30 day challenge. Well, no, i sort of did. I expected, mostly, that nothing much would happen. Which is silly to even think that, BECAUSE, you simply cannot NOT get good results from the tapping. It is impossible. the things that I have seen happen, for me, in terms of health issues, and some deeper core issues, is astounding. So, then, it was just about a few days after the 30 day challenge was up, or maybe even a bit before, I checked a medical account that I owed 2K on. I was waiting for a letter from them, telling me, what was gonna be the answer to my financial hardship letter that I wrote to them. Waiting, waiting, and waiting. Going to the mailbox, thinking a notification would be in there. Waiting. Continuing tapping, even when I hated doing that, did not feel like doing it, thought it was stupid, boring, and silly. So imagine my surprise, when, on a whim one evening late, I decided to look at ( again) the results of a blood work test that I had done, ( b/c I couldn’t remember what they had tested for), and my $$ balance, was…
hold your breath…. sit down…
and take a breath. Because that is what I DID.
my balance was now ZERO. simply ZERO. nada. gone. Zero. yeah. tap me, baby! KEEP ON!!!

and you are probably reading this and thinking, ” what??” what does this have to do with the
30 day tapping challenge? You weren’t even tapping for money… ( b/c there are ” scripts” for that!)”?

So, the answer is, that, yes, it seems like one has nothing to do with the other. However, the timing of me finding out about my zero balance, was so close to the end of the 30 day challenge, I feel it cannot be ignored. You can make up your own conclusions about this, bc I know that is what you are going to do anyway. But I SAY, Keep on, man. Or woman. Tap me, baby!!


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