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As a practiced EFT ( emotional freedom technique) coach and advocate, this tappping script was in my inbox today. I almost didn’t read it. almost, even, deleted it. But something made me open the email, and boy am i glad I did! It was as if there was somebody reading my mind with this script.
How could I not accept this challenge?

As posted on my blog here, many moons ago, I tried the EFT tapping for money back then. And something good did happen from that. And then, I fell off the wagon. again. and again. and again. Keeping a disciplined practice, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, takes effort and commitment, as anyone who has ever fallen off any of their own ” wagons” knows.

So here is the script. Join me, and the group of us EFT’ers as well as newbies, who have committed to at least a 30 day practice! Comments are welcomed!



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that, most of the time, until you uncover and remove a blocking belief that is in your way, and that you might not even know is in your way, you will fail or fall off. Uncovering the blocking belief , the root of that weed that is so strong and wrapped around your subconscious, is really the challenge, because it takes some digging, and as in real life garden weeding, sometimes it ain’t so pretty. If you are overweight and have never been able to get to your “right size”, for example,  many times the issue stems from something that happened in childhood. For smokers, there are all kinds of rooted beliefs that cause this addiction. For people with other challenges, like increasing their income, finding a job, or getting out of a negative relationship, you can be certain that there are many “weeds” lurking around.   And, for those who have failed at resolutions before, but every year make a new one, it is safe to say that there could be a blocking belief just about making resolutions that is in place!

Given that this is the “season” for making resolutions, I am jumping on the bandwagon here to tout one of my services (EFT coaching) that can assist in actually keeping your resolution by finding the root cause that is hindering you. And I pretty much  can guarantee that the mainstream media these days are not talking about EFT, so you won’t see this on TV. One of the best testimonials I have comes from a woman who quit smoking after 49 years. Here it is:

“I am finally free of my 49 year smoking habit! When Kattalina told me about this new method of using EFT to heal addictions, I was very skeptical, as I had tried everything to quit in the past – you name it, I had tried it, including the patch, hypnosis, acupuncture, etc. We had only 3 sessions, and after a  very small bit of using the EFT process on my own, I am now smoke free. The method itself seems silly, but the results  stand firm.”

– J.G., LaGrange, IL

The great thing about using EFT to break a bad habit is that in the process, many times there is laughter as the old beliefs are unrooted and hacked away. And there is enlightenment. And there is peace.

So, happy resolution making, and weed whacking! And if you are ready to have at those weeds, even chomping at the bit, send me a note requesting more information on this process, how it works and all the nitty gritty, and I will be on your virtual doorstep with weed whacker in hand,  at the ready.

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Today, given the beautiful weather, I went walking on one of my regular trails in the forest preserve. I always forget til I get there, that this particular trail, retains water in certain areas if there is not ample opportunity to dry out.

About 5 minutes into my hike, I slipped into a furrow caused by regular streams of water that had caused the gravel path to get washed away in certain spots. The furrows in some spots are fairly deep.  I was using my nordic walking poles, so I didn’t fall, but, I could immediately feel soreness  and some pain in my right ankle –  I had definitely twisted it. On this path, there are benches at regular intervals, so I sat down at the nearest one. And then, began doing EFT. Tapping on the karate chop point: “Even though I thought I was being careful…..Even though I feel like a dork for slipping….Even though the forest preserve should fix these furrows and add more gravel….”  Then, on the points: ” This sore twisted ankle…. this sore twisted ankle….” I did about 6 rounds. This took approximately 5 minutes. I evaluated the sensation in my ankle. There was virutally no soreness, it felt normal. So, I cheerfully began my hike again, and did not  need to baby my foot or my pace in any way. In fact, I walked at a slightly faster pace because I couldn’t wait to get home and write about this!!

I have given up needing to know exactly how EFT is able to work so quickly. It does seem like magic sometimes. And just embracing the magic is perfectly acceptable. It does make me sad sometimes that people are so skeptical of this healing method, which is safer than any current Western medicine. But I am realizing now that many, many people get so used to pain and suffering, where it literally becomes part of their identity. And letting go of that is can be extremely scary. If you think on this, the question arises, WHO WILL I BE without this pain/suffering/problem (whatever it might be)? I could turn into the greatest, grandest vision of myself if I let all the “junk” go. And that’s a tall order…do I dare even  go there?

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Well, today is technically Day 22 of my EFT experiment. The good news is that, despite a slew of setbacks, I have still been doing the EFT experiment, although not as intensely as I was planning. What it has come down to is, a conscious effort to do at least 5 minutes of tapping with intent of expanding my money consciousness. While a load of money has not landed in my lap (ummm, yet), a few interesting things have happened through no effort of my own. One of them being, more design work from a current client, and, my photography on an upcoming Easter card and also the cover of a catalog, as well as possibilities for another photo of mine to be in a card series for the fall.  My five minute EFT protocol, consisted simply of saying, “Even though I don’t know how this is going to happen, I thank the Universe for my consistent weekly income of X dollars.” There are variations on this, ie, ” Thank you Universe for opening up the channels of abundance and opportunity for me. ” I usually do this right at bed time, and therefore, have not been good at documenting my statements, as I am usually also sleepy. But any effort in the experiment, I feel, is beneficial.

One of the more difficult things about EFT is having persistence in keeping at it when nothing seems to be happening. It’s almost like you have to have some faith in this process, and a fair amount “casual indifference”. The fact that you cannot see your own brain waves changing as you do this, is also a bit of a challenge. The changes in brain activity have actually been documented, though, as shown here:


So, there are 7 more days of this experiment, and the goal now is to hold on to the 5 minute protocol, at the very least.

In honor of our lovely brains, which have so much more capacity than we can know, is another broadside from The Indig-O Papers. The text on this one reads: “Visit the interior of the Earth; through purification thou wilt find the hidden stone.” ($75)


And yes, in mulling on this alchemical maxim, EFT can be considered a purification process: it heals both body and spirit, and can clear much junk out of our consciousness.

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Yesterday I got sidetracked with a little bit of feeling “under the weather”. So I, unfortunately, did not tap on the financial abundance experiment, as I was tapping for physical health instead, and, I am happy to report, gained benefit from the tapping for increased physical well being.

As mentioned in a previous post, the official EFT website has loads of examples on how to use it. So today, I am trying out this way of doing it:


Steve Wells writes:

“I teach my clients a process for manifestation using EFT which I call “Connecting with Success”. This is a simple process of holding your goal in mind whilst tapping on the EFT points, stepping into your success picture in your mind and seeking to access the feelings of success whilst you tap. Feel how it’s going to feel when you are successful. Hold in your mind the intention of connecting with the success feelings and tap on the EFT points as you do so. Doing the EFT tapping whilst holding the positive intention tends to settle down the tension we feel when thinking ourselves into a situation that is outside our current comfort zone.”

It is interesting how he says to FEEL HOW IT IS GOING TO FEEL when you are successful. Well, what if you have never felt the kind of success yet that you dream of? How is it possible to FEEL that feeling if you haven’t actually already had a real experience of it? It is said that the mind cannot differentiate between what is “real” and what is imagined. So, there is the answer: in order to FEEL the FEELING of SUCCESS, in the beginning, we  have to “make it up”. PRETEND.  As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important that reality.”

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As promised here is the “bare bones” instruction for how to do EFT on yourself.

First, decide what you want to work on. For simplicity’s sake, let’s pretend you have a headache. Rate the headache on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the strongest, in intensity.

First, you begin tapping with your first 2 fingers, on what is called the “karate chop” point, which is the fleshy area on the outer edge of your palm, yes, the place where  you would slice a board in half with a karate chop if you were a martial artist. As you are tapping (gently, and consistently), say  out loud: “Even though I have this blasted headache, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” This statement is considered the “default” statement. It is sometimes altered in various ways. It is important to use your own language during this process. So use whatever words are accurate for the headache or problem. Say this statement 3x, while continuously tapping on the side of the palm. Then, you move to tapping on the face and body, while repeating a phrase describing the problem: “this blasted headache”.

The points are thus and in this order:

the eyebrow point, which is the beginning of the eyebrow

the side of the eye, which is on the bone on the side of the eye

underneath the eye, again on the bone there

under the nose, right above your lip

on the chin, right under your lower lip

the collarbone point, which is about an inch to the right or the left of the U-groove where the knot of a tie would sit, and just below the collarbone

under the arm: located in line with your nipple, if you are a woman it would be in the middle of your bra strap

very top of the head.

At all these points, you tap while repeating out loud: “this blasted headache” “this blasted headache” “this blasted headache” …like a broken record. While you are saying this , it is necessary to “tune in” to the headache. Really feel it and see what is happening. Tapping on these 8 points is considered a “Round” . After you do one round, take a deep breath, and evaluate how you are feeling.What does the headache feel like now? Perhaps it has gone down in intensity to say, a 4. So then you repeat the whole process again, making a few minor adjustments in the statements ” even though i STILL (with emphasis) have this blasted headache, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Then on each point, you say “this REMAINING headache” this “remaining headache” “this remaining headache” , etc. After this second round, do an assessment again, the goal being to get to a 0 in intensity. Typically you will have to do several rounds, and the pain or emotion might change. It might even drift to a different part of your body, in which case, you follow its lead. So, if you are now having a pain in your big toe, you say ” even though I have this throbbing pain in my big toe, I deeply ….”

That’s it. That’s the basic EFT protocol. And it doesn’t matter what hand you use, or what side of the body you tap on.  Now, there are many nuances and variations on this process. There are other tapping points that are sometimes used. There are many variations and techniques on the language. Many ideas can be found on the official EFT website, which is www.emofree.com. This website has a search engine, so you can type in any word and generally get some example of how to use EFT for that problem. You can try the words “pain”, “golf”, “performance”, “fear”, “phobia”, “anxiety”, “trauma”, “sex” , and so forth. Use whatever you think is an appropriate word for your problem, and see what comes up. There are also many examples of EFT on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nRY3UtTHvo&feature=rec-HM-fresh+div.  For cases of deep emotional trauma (sometimes which we don’t even know we have) it will usually require working with an EFT practitioner to get to the bottom of the issue. If you try EFT, and you seemingly have no success,  give the process a bit of time to “soak in”. In the headache example above, you may find after 5 or so rounds that you still have a headache. So give the tapping a rest. Try it again a little bit later. Many times you will find suddenly that the physically problem is gone. For an emotional issue, you may find that after a night’s sleep, the next morning you wake with a new insight on the problem, which you can then tap on.

EFT is wonderful because you can virtually use it on ANYTHING, meaning yourself, your pets, and even inanimate objects like cars 0r mechanical equipment (in that case you would just pretend to be the animal or object, there is more on how to do this on the EFT website.) EFT is safe, non-invasive, and amazingly effective on a whole host of things. Keep in mind that many times persistence is necessary, which is where many people get “sidetracked”. As simple as EFT is, it can be difficult to just sit still and do simple repetition of words and tapping. That is why a practitioner is sometimes necessary, to help you keep at it.

In the next week or so I will post a story here about my surrogate (ie long distance) work on an autistic boy and the amazing result that happened. This boy’s father is also a doctor, which makes the story even more interesting.

Finally, regarding my EFT experiment with abundance issues, today I received  notice that a project I am working on has expanded a teeny bit. Hmmmm!

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eft ex. day 1 and 2

Yesterday was day 1. of the EFT experiment. i tapped for at least a half hour. same today. nothing  exciting to report except that I had an insight  yesterday about myself thriving while others might be barely surviving. not that I consider myself “thriving” at this point, in fact i feel far from it. that is in part why I am doing this experiment, in order to get to that place. but once again, I learned that doing the EFT tapping can bring up unconscious beliefs that you might hold, that are hindering you. And this insight came,  “out of the blue”, as the saying goes. Which is lovely, because now that I realize that I have/had this limiting thought (“it might be weird to be thriving in this uncertain economy when most people are concerned and just hoping to hold on, much less thrive”), i can do something about it. Like tap on it, til I erase it, from my consciousness.

Given my impatient nature, today I also learned that despite professing to be one who likes experimenting – with anything– it is really going to take my utmost effort to keep this experiment going, because I want to see immediate results…as in, unexpected monies coming in. So, thank GODDESS for words….they, I think, will be exerting the primary influence of stick-to-it-ness.

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