Postcocious: Heather McHugh

Bubbling over at a glimpse
of yellow truck, singing out at every
dog or lollipop––a drop
of hat will do–-hell, waking up
induces peals of laughter! They’re abuzz
with business and glee. It’s clear
to them what living’s for.

It isn’t clear to me.

For each item’s a line,
each occasion an occasion for redress,
reclaiming, recompense, or rue. Given
time’s best gift, I’m always
scheming to return it.
As for the language
of the love of life––

when did my soul unlearn it?

I adore this poem, because it takes you back
while also bringing you to the present in a way that
many need to be reminded of.

*nb. special *tag* on this post to mr. nimwegen.

#3 Nice to see you again

#3 Nice to see you again.


In the longer view it doesn’t matter.
However, it’s that having lived, it matters.
So that every death breaks you apart.
You find yourself weeping at the door
of your own kitchen, overwhelmed
by loss. And you find yourself weeping
as you pass the homeless person
head in hands resigned on a cement
step, the wire basket on wheels right there.
Like stopped film, or a line of Vallejo,
or a sketch of the mechanics of a wing
by Leonardo. All pauses in space,
a violent compression of meaning
in an instant within the meaningless.
Even staring into the dim shapes
at the farthest edge; accepting that blur.

*NB. I found this in the Coppercanyonpress.org quarterly magazine. Copper Canyon, always has some striking, erudite, alive, poets, that might write something that rocks your world. That’s the great thing about poetry; they are like little gifts that stay with you forever, if you want them to.

I only have a few more days til my 30 day EFT tapping challenge is over. I partially haven’t been posting here because new ideas — about everything have been coming to me. I DO attribute this to my EFT challenge, bc right now , things are rather unnervingly quiet. Almost too quiet in fact.

Some other interesting things tho, are happening. A few weeks ago, there was a flyer on my car window, for a missing cat. Her name is “Koshka” which in Russian means ” cat”. ( it is pronounced Kooshka- with a long O) Well, she is still missing apparently. Today, I threw away that first flyer, bc I figured she had been found. But then, this evening, the doorbell rang, and there was a new flyer on my garden chair. So, apparently, Koshka is still missing. Given that I am a bonafide cat lover, I called the phone number on the flyer, and said that I wanted to try EFT to help find her. Of course, he didn’t know what EFT is, but I explained a little bit about it, and he was very grateful. He and Koshka are from New Zealand, which makes it all the more interesting too. He just moved in 2 doors away from me this past year as well. So I did an EFT session on her. Now it is just a continued waiting game. So here is the script I used for this.

Granted, I changed many of the words, bc this situation is very different than the one that is in the script. So, I am hopeful, because I have been witness to some amazing things happen with EFT. When she shows up at my doorstep or in my garden, I will let you know. I am holding the faith for Koshka and her owner, because I know how devastating it can be to lose a pet.

keeping on…

when results, or the results that you want ( and like, right now!) don’t seem to be forthcoming… it is challenging. still, as i am doing the simple tapping exercise every day, somehow, many new ideas are coming to me out of the blue. i have started acting on one of them already. will post more on that, hopefully in a few days. patience is one of the things that currently seems to be on hiatus for me…. ( and today is the 9th day…)

today i tapped on the 30 day challenge experiment. but i also tapped bc i was having an intensely anxiety ridden morning. I was set to do something, was all geared up to do it
( or so i thought!), then got in the car, and realized i WASN’t mentally ready. I sat in the car, and tapped for about 5 minutes. Then, my foot was on the gas pedal and I was en route to my meeting.. Had a new insight as well, that I could not have garnered by mere intense thinking. The end result was , I had a very very PEACEFUL day, with a fringe of ideas dancing around me like a flutter of beautiful butterflies, all in flight to destinations as yet unknown…

30 day challenge report

So, it’s only been about 2 days since I started the 30 day EFT challenge, and already I am chomping at the bit for results results results! Nothing BIG seems to be rolling yet. However, i will say that I finally was able to bite the bullet and post my garage sale for THIS saturday. I have been working on this, for about a month now. I am doing this alone, and it is more work than I could imagine. Having to let go of expectations, worries ( what if nobody shows up? what if jerks show up?) and so forth. The tapping certainly helps, and I am going to make up one or 2 more scripts for this “event”. I really DO want my garage space back so my ( newish) car will have a nice spot to rest in. :-)

oh garage sales. oh my. Maybe I will write a post on this in the near future. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens with the ” marriage” of using EFT and this garage sale.


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